Strength and Conditioning Training!
Tactical Performance

Tactical Performance specialises in Tactical Strength & Conditioning for Emergency Service personnel, Sports Teams and a wide variety of Athletic Populations.

strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning training for beginners to advanced athletes


Emergency Services Personnel

Specialised training for Emergency Services personnel

Health and fitness training

General Health & Fitness

Reduce injuries, promote pain free movement and increase power

Group Training

Team and Group Training

Bespoke programs for both teams and groups. Corporate training on request


Emergency Services

Tactical Strength & Conditioning training for Emergency Service personnel.


Group Training

We work with local sports groups such as football and GAA teams. Group corporate sessions also available


Individual Training

High intensity Strength & Conditioning training for people of all fitness levels. We can help everyone from beginners to pro athletes

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tactical Performance

Strength & Conditioning Training

Tactical Performance is an online and in person Strength and Conditioning service that designs bespoke programming to reduce injuries, promote pain free movement and increase Strength & Power for:

My goal is to help my clients achieve all their fitness, and strength and conditioning goals. I can help no matter your fitness level be it total beginner or advanced athlete. I will give 100% to ensure you reach all your targets 

Frank Carolan - CEO Tactical Strength & Conditioning

Your Strength and Conditioning Workout App.

Tactical Performance specialises in Tactical Strength & Conditioning training for Emergency Service personnel, Sports Teams, individuals and a wide variety of athletes from any and all disciplines. 

We can help individuals no matter your fitness level to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.​ Tone up, lose weight and increase your muscle mass with one of our fitness programs. 

Fitness APP

Strength and Conditioning Training

Courses to suit all fitness levels. Achieve your fitness goals with Tactical Performance Ireland. Private Tuition also available 


Strength & Conditioning Private Class

Strength & Conditioning classes starting at just €75.00. Discounts for multiple bookings. 3 classes – 10 classes bulk discounts.


Tactical Operator-Alpha 1 Online

This program will improve your economy of movement for your Occupation, helping you decrease performance times. 


Tactical Elite Operator F1 Online

This 4 week online training phase will focus the beginning of each session on an introduction of common movement…….


Improve your performance in endurance sports through this 12 week / 2 days per week training program


This 16 week online program will bring the Athlete through the 6 phases which are required if you want to compete at high level of performance.


Personal Training at Home or the Office

Intensive bespoke strength and conditioning workout programs specifically tailored for clients of all fitness levels. Sessions are 1 hour in duration and personal instruction is carried out via zoom, your home, your business or outdoor location.  Sessions are designed around your specific goals be it weight loss or muscle gain. Sessions can be designed for complete beginners or for advanced athletes looking to advance their skill set.

We specialise in strength and conditioning training for Emergency Service personnel or those looking to start their careers as a front-line worker. Our training is especially useful for An Garda Síochána members & Army and Fire Fighting personnel as we specifically focus on bespoke programming that reduces injuries, promotes pain free movement and increases Strength & Power.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning can help you prepare for the Garda physical entrance exam including the dreaded push pull machine. To book your Personal online training class please click below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at  

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Strength and Conditioning Training!
Tactical Performance

Online Training Informed Consent Form

General Statement of Program Objectives and procedures:

I understand that this personal training program may include exercises to build the cardio respiratory system (heart and lungs), the musculoskeletal system, (which involves muscular endurance, strength and overall flexibility), and to improve body composition (increasing muscle and bone and decreasing body fat) Exercise includes aerobic activities, such as walking, running, bicycle riding, rowing machine, group aerobics, swimming and other aerobic activities, weight lifting using dumbbells, machines and other equipment to improve muscular strength and endurance, as well as flexibility exercises to improve joint range of motion.

Description of Potential Risks:

I understand that the reaction of the heart, lung, blood vessels as well as other systems to exercise cannot always be predicted with accuracy. I know there is a risk of certain abnormal changes occurring during the following exercise, which include abnormalities of blood pressure or heart attacks as well as other side effects. Use of weight lifting equipment, and engaging in heavy body calisthenics may lead to musculoskeletal strains, pain and injury if adequate warm-up, gradual progression, and safety procedures are not consistently followed. I understand that personal trainer (seller) shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by client (buyer) while and during and/or from a personal training program does so at his/her own risk. Client (buyer) assumes full responsibilities for any injuries or damages which may occur during and/or after training.

I hereby fully and forever release and discharge personal trainer (seller), its assigns and agents from all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, present and future therein.
I understand and warrant, release and agree that I am in good physical condition and that I have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing me from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental to heart, safety, or comfort, or physical condition if I engage or participate (other than those items fully discussed on the health history form).I state that I have had a recent physical check up and have my personal physician’s
permission to engage in aerobic and/or anaerobic conditioning.

Description of Potential Benefits:

I understand that a program of regular exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles and
joints has many benefits associated with it. These may include a decrease in body fat, improvement in blood fats and blood pressure, improvement in physiological function and decrease in heart disease.
I have read the foregoing information and understand it. Any questions, which may have occurred, have been answered to my satisfaction.